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Rodney Harrison - February 3, 2012

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Rodney Harrison is a former NFL defensive back and 2-time Super Bowl Champion who is now a NFL Studio Analyst for NBC and will be in that role for NBC’s coverage of Super Bowl XLVI. When he looks at this year’s matchup between the Giants and Patriots, he feels that as in every year you have to try to find someone who is a bit underrated and is not given a lot of attention. This year, he thinks that the game will be close and that it could come down to a field goal and so a player like Deion Branch could fill that role this year.

Every team has strengths and weaknesses and he felt that when he played for the Patriots, those teams were very balanced which is not the case today. With  the Patriots, Bill Belichick has fallen in love with the offensive side and has made the Patriots a very strong offensive team but as a result they are actually a very weak defensive team that does not have a lot of leadership. If Eli Manning starts hot, a questions that will be asked is whether or not the Patriots defense will be tough enough mentally to respond.

He was a part of the Patriots team in 2007 that lost the Super Bowl and also lost out on an undefeated season. History is very important to him and he felt for a long time that he messed things up for the entire team but over time he realized that it was not entirely his fault. While he said that he has a certain allegiance to the Patriots, he did not make a prediction because he is waiting until NBC’s coverage on Sunday to make his pick.