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Ryan Longwell - February 2, 2012

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Ryan Longwell is the kicker for the Minnesota Vikings and resides in Orlando, Florida. 2011 was not a good year for the Minnesota Vikings but it was a great year for the NFL. Everyone was scrambling at first with the end of the lockout and you have seen the popularity of the NFL rise and it has also been fun to watch stories like Tim Tebow and other players who have been able to scramble and have great success.

Aaron Rodgers had an incredible year and the fact that he has been so successful in succeeding Brett Favre with the Packers. Unlike Favre who tended to be a fly by the seat of his pants QB, Rodgers is more of a planner and that fact made their early playoff loss that much more surprising.

When he sees someone in golf or football struggle in a pressure-packed moment, he understands how one needs to slow things down and keep your rhythm because he has been in the position to where he had the chance to kick the winning field goal. At those moments, he even tries to talk to himself slowly in an effort to maintain a good rhythm because if you rush those moments, you tend to miss and his position as kicker is an A or F performance position in that you either succeed or fail and there is no between.

Early in his career, he would miss right in nervous situations in football because just like in golf, he would tend to not release in those moments and as a result he would miss right. He also finds that he is more nervous over putts in golf because unlike football where he has control over his body, he does not have as much control over his putter.