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Tim Rosaforte - January 30, 2012

Tim Rosaforte
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Kyle Stanley had a very painful finish to the Farmers Insurance Open and last night, he heard from a number of people to give him some needed encouragement. Charles Barkley even reached out to Tim to pass along a message to Kyle. Four years ago, Tim wrote about Brandt’s own emotional collapse at The Masters and it is amazing to see Brandt now be on the other side of this. In order to grow, you cannot avoid going through something like this and Kyle went through this on Sunday.

In Abu Dhabi, a lot of people were rooting for Tiger but Robert Rock just outplayed him. About 10 years ago, Rock was giving lessons at a course in England and would run in to watch Tiger Woods play golf on TV during breaks. Rock is a regular guy who likes to hang out with his friends and has not forgotten where he has come from. He is example of the fact that anything is possible in golf.

Brandt Snedeker won in his second start after his second hip surgery. He is a gym rat and loves to work out and in fact, while rehabbing before the 2012 season, he would grab his golf bag and walk as many as 36 holes a day at Frederica in order to be strong enough physically to come back and have the stamina and energy to compete. If anyone can sympathize with Stanley, it is Snedeker and in fact, Snedeker told Stanley “I’m Sorry” after he won the playoff.

Kyle Stanley was completely devastated over the last hour of the final round of the Farmers Insurance Open. Looking back at his childhood, he is a kid from Gig Harbor, Washington who was trying to break through and then when he got to Clemson, he became legendary for his work ethic and his practice and he has had an amazing transition to where he is now one of the brightest rising stars of the PGA TOUR. Greg Norman, who knows about losing in difficult ways, said in a text to Tim that basically just like in life you can do everything right yet still you can fail and the people who succeed in golf just as in life are the ones who are able to bounce back from those moments, learn lessons, and then grow from the experience.

The Farmers Insurance Open had a lot of people in the crowds watching the contenders which was a pleasant development considering the fact that Tiger Woods was not there. But when you looked at Abu Dhabi, Tiger had the only gallery while no one else had a gallery. In terms of total galleries, Torrey Pines had the feel of a PGA TOUR event while Abu Dhabi overall had the feel of a Nationwide Tour event when you took away the gallery with Tiger’s group.

Meg Mallon had kind words for Dottie Pepper when Mallon was named the 2013 U.S. Solheim Cup Team Captain. Mallon is trying to be a peacemaker when it comes to reconciling Pepper with the U.S. Solheim Cup team after Pepper’s comments during the 2007 Solheim Cup in Sweden. Many people would love to see Pepper as a future captain and thanks in part to the actions of Mallon, that could happen in the future.