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Tim Rosaforte - November 14, 2011

Tim Rosaforte
Getty Images

Rosaforte is in Australia this week for the Presidents Cup. He played golf with Aaron Baddeley’s father Ron and there is a great deal of excitement this week as Aaron is making his Presidents Cup debut in his home country. While Ron is Australian, Aaron’s father in law is a Marine which creates an interesting dynamic among the family this week.

Tiger Woods comes to Royal Melbourne off of a 3rd place finish in Sydney and some newspaper headlines are screaming the opinion that he wilted under pressure (“Paper Tiger,” for example) but the fact is is that Tiger showed that he is regaining his confidence and his swing and Tim feels that he is close to putting it all together and winning again. It is exciting to see Tiger play well again and the performance has created a more electric atmosphere.

Royal Melbourne is going to play a big part in who wins the Presidents Cup this week and as one of the world’s best courses and arguably Australia’s best course, the people of Australia are very excited to show off this great Alister MacKenzie design as well as show their country and its people to the rest of the world.