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TOUR Life Interviews and Go-Karts

I took off from San Antonio on late Sunday afternoon to maximise my week off by getting into Scottsdale Sunday night.
I stayed at Michael Sim's house as Michael was having the week off, too. First thing Monday, I took off to pick up my BMW - my prize when I won my second event this year on the Nationwide Tour at the BMW Classic. I had picked it up earlier in the year and drove it to most of the events on the East Coast in July and August. I then dropped it back off to the dealership in North Carolina who arranged for it to be shipped over to Arizona for me. It was great to have it with me again. We then went out and did a little shopping for the house.
I had some commitments early in the week. First up on the Tuesday was an interview with Australian Golf Digest, which is basically the same content as the U.S. version but with more Australian flavour. They are doing an in-depth interview with me for the final edition of the year, which will be released the week of the Australian Open in December. They have also interviewed a lot of people who have had an impact on my life/golf career, including my parents; my first coach, Paul Robertson; my current coach, Steve Bann; and Jack Newton, who was runner-up to Seve Ballesteros at the U.S. Masters and Tom Watson at the British Open, and who helped me develop my game as I grew up through his junior golf foundation back home in Australia.
Wednesday, PGA TOUR Productions wanted to do 'A Day in the Life Of ' for their end-of-year show. I spent most of the day with them and did some pretty cool stuff; hopefully, you will catch it when it airs. We showed them around Michael's condo, had a look at my car, and then headed down to a place called Mojo Pies - this is an Australian style pie shop with investors including Geoff Ogilivy and Tim Clark, and run by Cameron Ferguson. All the ingredients for the pies are brought from Australia. Back home the meat pie is one of the local delicacies. We also visited the golf club and, in general, it was a really fun day.
I began practising again to get ready for the Frys this coming week on Thursday. I played the Grayhawk course in 2002 when I was invited to the AJGA event there as a reward for being runner-up in the Australian Junior Championship, so the course was a little familiar to me.
The rest of my week off was taken up on the couch, playing PlayStation against Michael, and go-karting.
I still am not sure if I will get a start this coming week, which is a little disappointing - another reality check is that my number as I write this isn't good enough as the field is limited to 132 and a sponsors invitation isn't looking good. So we will just have to wait and see what happens.
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