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TOUR Life Week 2 in the Majors

Editor's note: Nick Flanagan competed in his second event as a card-carrying PGA TOUR member in this past week's Viking Classic. Here is a look at his week on TOUR, on and off the course.

The first two rounds my ball striking was great and my putting has started to improve. Over the weekend I struggled with my accuracy and just didn't swing the club good. My putter behaved at times but I was still averaging 30 putts ar ound. So I still have a lot of work to do there.
Nick Flanagan
The Viking Classic was Nick's second straight top-20 result in the Fall Series. (Getty Images)
The course was a good test. The first round proved to be somewhat of a marathon with weather delays ' I teed off at 9 a.m. and walked off the last green at around 5 p.m. The second day I was in the very last group of the day and we very nearly didnt get finished as the light faded very quickly after sunset.
I feel I am getting a lot of experience right now which will help me enormously next year. My two finishes( T18th and T17th) have made for a pretty good start to my PGA TOUR career and hopefully with a bit of hard work I will be able to improve on that over the next couple of weeks.

This week was reasonably quiet compared to my first week on the TOUR. I roomed with my mate, Michael Sim, again and I really enjoyed that. Did the usual gym sessions and ate at my favorite restaurant on the road ' Outback Steakhouse. This is as close as it gets to Australian-style food here in the U.S. and I tend to eat there a lot. Early in the week, I was approached by a gentleman who I believe was an investor in Outback Steakhouse and he handed me a card, which he said he had tried to leave in my locker but couldnt, and when I had a look at it, it meant I could eat at the Outback Steakhouse for free for the whole week. Dont know how it happened and dont know if the gentleman knew it was my favorite restaurant but Im not complaining and I was very grateful!
I am feeling a little tired at the moment and looking forward to this week in Texas and then a week off. I am not playing Las Vegas, instead opting to spend the week at Michael Sims house in Scottsdale, Ariz.. I dropped my BMW (the one I won in May at the BMW Classic) back to the dealership in North Carolina after my last event on the Nationwide Tour and arranged for it to be shipped to Michaels house. It should be waiting for me when I get there next week; it is an amazing car. There are a lot of Aussies who live in Scottsdale and I am going to have a look around with the thought of perhaps purchasing something there early next year, if I decide I like it.

I enjoyed all my playing partners' company this week ' in particular playing with Fred Funk, someone who I have watched on TV for many years. Fred was pretty animated and made the time on the course a lot of fun. Everyone I have come in contact with the past two weeks have been very welcoming and encouraging.
This week back home in Australia, it was the finals of two of our three football codes. We play Australian Rules Football in Victoria, Rugby League in NSW and Queensland, and Soccer nationally. On Saturday it was the Australian Rules Final and on Sunday it was the Rugby League Final. Paul Gow - fellow Aussie and member of the PGA TOUR - managed to find a pub in Jacksonville that was televising the matches and was trying to get all the Aussies to go and watch them with him. I like to know the results, but I am not that keen that I would get out of a warm bed very early in the morning to watch - and I am not sure how many did just that in the end!
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