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Back in Playing Shape

Editor's Note: This is a weekly chronicle of the life & times of PGA TOUR star Pat Perez. Visit him at for Pat's daily blog, music-fueled photo galleries, online store & more.
Hey everyone, PP here. Checking in with you on a Thursday evening. Was going to blog a few days back, but figured it made more sense to do so after Thursdays opening round. After so many weeks on injured reserve and writing from home in Scottsdale, I figured the loyal readers were ready to actually hear about some golf-related activities.
Thankfully, Im writing tonight after a solid round. I went -2 today. Four birdies and two bogeys on a day when I really wasnt expecting to do all that much. I attempted to play The Memorial and the Barclays Classic, but I really wasnt physically ready. I was really disappointed with my performance in those two tourneys. I wasnt physically ready to come back, but I gave it a run, didnt shoot well, still felt some nagging pain and came home for three grueling weeks at Athletes Performance in Scottsdale, AZ. Masa, Jeremy and Sue really beat the tar out of me this past month. You name it, they did it. Whether it was physically working on the back or time spent stretching, lifting weights, etc. ' whatever they did there, it worked. I feel great right now and a huge part of that is due to my strict workout regimen this past month.
The rest is due to my coach, Mike Owen. We spent the past three days really honing in on certain aspects of my game. 'O' felt I was lining up too far right and was still getting too far over the top. He wanted me to get my body left, get my shoulders squared and get my swing going inside out. We worked on it at the range, in the practice round and even in the Pro Am. Thankfully, things fell into place rather easily. Im still sort of taken aback with todays round. I really didnt expect to shoot as well as I did. My attitude going into The Memorial was to just finish and not WD. That was sort of my attitude this week. I never go into a tourney with an expectation lower than winning ' but coming off of injury and a long layoff, its a fine line between optimistic and realistic.

To shoot a 69 in my first competitive round in almost a month ' I was more than satisfied with that and cant wait to get back out there tomorrow, bright and early. I love going late on a Thursday and early on a Friday. Theres almost no down time, like when you go early and then late. Any guy out here will tell you that. Especially when you go low on Thursday. You cant wait to get back out there on Friday.
Recapping the past few days ' I played my practice round Tuesday with John Daly and Todd Fischer ' better known as JD and Fishbone. No real highlights, but everyone was feeling healthy and optimistic about the upcoming tourney. I got to hang with JD on the off nights this week and again, its just great to be back out here with the boys. I get cabin fever when home and just love being out here on the road.
The only downer about Tuesday was a missed opportunity in regards to another round of batting practice. My bud Jermaine Dye (yeah, World Series MVP Jermaine Dye seriously) invited me to take some BP like I did with (Pat) Burrell a few weeks back in Philly. Unfortunately, my practice round ran late and they had a day game on the 4th. I was ready to get out there again after my stint with the Phillies, but it wasnt meant to be this time around. Ill get em next time. Im hoping to get out to a game while Im out here, but well see.

I tee off at 8:21am CT on Friday and am already back in my routine. My back guy Jeff Banaszak from is headed over bright and early to get me stretched and work on my problem areas. Jeff is going to start writing a weekly column on my website ( - offering up golf-related workouts, stretch tips and all kids of other pointers. Make sure to drop by and check it out. Were starting up next week.

On that note, off to bed. We have an early tee time tomorrow and Ive been all out of whack since Sunday. My last night in Scottsdale, my brother Mike (we call him The Hate ' if you see him out here, thats his nickname) and a few other bros took in the Cinderella and Poison concert at Cricket Pavillion. It was off the hook. Poison was solid, but Cinderella is one of my all time favorite bands and they stole the show. Seriously. If the Cinderella guys read this column, I want them and The Cult to play a house party when I win my first tourney out here. Thats been a dream of mine for years. Their show the other night was unreal. I missed them their last few tours, so that was the ONE saving grace being off the road the past few weeks; getting to see Tom Keifer and the boys tearing it up.
Three more solid rounds of golf and that victory rock show could be right around the corner. We'll see. I have my work cut out for me. Some big time players atop the leaderboard and a lot of golf left to be played.
More next week from the John Deere, then it's back 'home' to San Diego for a week. Padres/Phillies; Edwin McCain in Anaheim on Monday; my buds, Hootie & the Blowfish at Humphrey's By the Bay on Thursday; and, of course, opening day at the Del Mar Track on Wednesday with the boys.
Thanks for stopping by. - Double P.
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Pat Perez is in the midst of his fifth season on the PGA Tour. 'Double P' earned his PGA Tour card as the Q-School Medalist in 2001 and was part of the 1996 NCAA National Championship golf team at Arizona State University. Visit Pat at his website or his page at