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Golf and Music Thanks for the Memories

There is something about music, a certain note or special song can bring you back to a place in time.
Isn't golf that way, too?
Isn't there something about this great game that is like a great song? That winding downhiller you made at your home course in 1975? Isn't that a lot like that Dylan song you were singing driving your family to the beach?
Knock, knock, knocking on heaven's door.
A feeling you can't shake. It will creep up on you. Moments you will remember forever. Like the way the sun rises on a certain day, it might remind you of that early tee time you had with your father, when you just knew you were about to spend an important four hours.
And the way the air smells one night, might remind you of a song playing at your wedding.
Places in time, solitary mental moments, literally engrained forever.
Golf can be rhythmic, peaceful, full of soul,
So can music. Music can be hard, and thrashing. And so can golf. People who don't play golf don't understand the feeling of hitting a pure shot, there is nothing like it. It is a feeling you can't shake. It will creep up on you while you are driving, or flying, or reading.
Who knows why?
A pure shot can make an amateur feel like a pro, and make a pro feel invincible. It is yours for everybody. Like a favorite song.
Who knows why we love a song? It can be lyrics, or the melody, or the place you heard it. Whatever the reason, it is a feeling you can't shake. It will creep up on you, a note of favorite song can make you cry, or make you laugh out loud. But it's yours forever, like a pure golf shot.
So the next time you find yourself strolling down the fairway, humming, or whistling or flat-out singing, just remember golf and music aren't that different, enjoy both, just don't play golf in the shower.
At least that's my take, what's yours?
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