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GolfNow Books the Martin Agency for Consumer Brand Engagement

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First work to break during NBC Sports’ Super Bowl LII pre-game programming

The Martin Agency and GolfNow announced today they will partner on a new consumer and B2B project that will include strategic planning plus broadcast, digital, and social creative.

GolfNow, headquartered in Orlando, Fla., is among the suite of digital businesses managed by Golf Channel and is part of the NBC Sports Group. The technology and services company incorporates the world’s leading golf tee-time marketplace with more than 3.5 million registered users.

“The Martin Agency not only has a proven track record of delivering world-class ideas that build businesses, but also a deep understanding of golf from its 20-plus years of working in the category,” said Jeff Foster, Senior Vice President, GolfNow.  “We’re excited to find a partner that not only can help us show how the technology we provide golf courses can better connect golfers with the game they love, but also shares our passion to help grow the game by inspiring more people to play more often.”

Martin was chosen for the assignment following a three-month review that included six undisclosed agencies with three competing in the final round. Budgets were also undisclosed.

“Mobile and digital technology are revolutionizing every business and golf is no different. GolfNow is leading the way in bringing that technology to life. When the rest of the world is telling you to prioritize everything else, we are telling you to play unapologetically,” said Kristen Cavallo, CEO of The Martin Agency. “For our team of passionate communications pros who also happen to be avid golfers, working with GolfNow is a dream project.”

The Martin Agency’s inaugural GolfNow work centers around the finding that every golfer wishes they could play more, but often let excuses get in the way. As part of the launch, Martin created four videos depicting cautionary tales of golfers who aren’t golfing. One features a golfer who’s been raking leaves for eight years straight, while another depicts an office worker who’s stuck in a gif-like loop at his desk. The line “Why golf later when you can GolfNow?” punctuates each spot. The first spot will premiere during NBC’s Super Bowl pre-game programming on Feb. 4.