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New Television Show – “Driver vs. Driver” - Shines Spotlight on Sports Innovation and the Path Golf Products take from Concept to Pro Shop

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“Driver vs. Driver” to Premiere on Golf Channel, Fall 2016

Wilson Golf announced today a call for entries as it launches a new television show called “Driver vs. Driver.” This show, scheduled to air on Golf Channel in Fall 2016, is being created to open the door for exciting, unique and fundamentally new, innovative concepts in golf driver equipment.  What’s at stake?  A $500,000 grand prize and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with Wilson Golf’s Wilson Labs innovation team of engineers and designers as your idea becomes a Wilson Staff 2017 branded driver sold at golf shops around the country.

“Wilson Golf has a long history of innovation alongside some of the best golfers who have ever played the game,” said Tim Clarke, President of Wilson Golf.  “As we push golf innovation into new territories, we recognize that new ideas, materials, design elements and concepts can come from the most unexpected places, industries and people.  This new television show is designed to celebrate the entrepreneurial and inventive spirit that is so important to our brand and mine the country for driver ideas that the Wilson Labs team can turn into reality.”

For golfers, inventors, engineers, or anyone who has an idea or concept they believe could be the next big driver concept, Wilson Golf invites you to participate.  To enter, individuals and/or teams need to submit a short video on their concept, why they think it can work as the next driver innovation, and a brief synopsis of who they are.  Entries can be submitted at  The deadline for entries is 11:59 PM CT, August 15, 2015. A comprehensive overview of show eligibility and requirements can also be found on the site.

Top engineers and designers from Wilson Labs, as well as producers from Golf Channel, will evaluate all entries.