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Quotes of the Week

Colin Montgomerie
Getty Images

'I didn't think that was actually what was going to happen on that tee box. It was a blow. It was a big turning point in the match where I went 3 up. It's very disheartening.' – Morgan Pressel, on being assessed a slow-play penalty during her semifinal match against Azahara Munoz. Pressel eventually lost, 2 and 1.

'I know I'm slow, too, but when they were timing us, she was the slow one.' – Azahara Munoz, on the penalty assessed to playing competitor and friend, Morgan Pressel.

'I really wasn’t nervous on those last few holes, by then I knew I was in the 50s, so it was just a matter of how low it was going to be.' – Rhein Gibson, on the 16-under 55 he reportedly shot at River Oaks Country Club in Oklahoma.

'His putting isn’t as good as it used to be, and it’s been that way for a while now. It just shows you how hard the game is, and just how great he was.' – Hank Haney’s opinion on Tiger Woods’ struggles, which he blames mostly on his floundering short game.

'I don't think the golf fans in America are members of golf clubs in the way they are here. At Wentworth next week (for the European Tour's BMW PGA Championship) most of the fans will be golfers and understand and respect the etiquette of the game.' – Colin Montgomerie, on the difference between British and American golf fans. Montgomerie has been heckled on U.S. soil since responding with an obscenity to taunting fans while contending in the 1997 U.S. Open.

'I think Augusta should have a women’s tournament. I don’t care if they have female members. I really doubt by the time my kids are my age this will even be a topic. They’ll have female members by then. It’s a private club they can do what they want.' – LPGA commissioner Mike Whan, on playing a women’s tournament at Augusta National and if they will ever admit a female member.

'We have gotten slower on Tour. College has gotten just incredibly slow. It's so bad that now we are giving the guys the ability to use lasers to try to speed up play, and they are still in 5:45, six (hours) plus (rounds).' – Tiger Woods, on the current state of slow play on the PGA Tour.

'How about every week? The more we play the better. I love the cut-throat, face-to-face nature of it and find the buzz a refreshing change from what we play week in and week out.' – Ian Poulter, on his affinity for match play format.

'I went to see – you name it. All kinds of different crazy gurus of body mechanics. I went to a guy up in Minneapolis, Minn., literally, it was shock therapy. Tried to do it and it just didn’t fix it. Most of the players were very supportive but some guys do question whether you’re staying at home, living off disability because you can.' – Joey Snyder III, on the medical mysteries that have kept him out of golf for the past six years. He made his return this week at the Byron Nelson.

'It doesn't really feel like a win, because I know Caroline really won the whole thing.' – Madison Odiorne, Oregon women’s 5A state champion who won after Caroline Inglis was disqualified for signing an incorrect scorecard. Inglis, a senior, actually won the tournament by 9 strokes and would have made history with four consecutive state titles.