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Quotes of the Week

Chubby Chandler
Getty Images

'I feel like I'm ready to play on the tour full time. ... I've taken my bad tournaments with my good tournaments, and I'm ready to compete here.' – Lexi Thompson, on her desire to be granted LPGA membership immediately, despite being two years younger than the current minimum age requirement for membership (18).

'Obviously, we are focused on the Solheim Cup this week, but I'm sure I'll deal with this next week. … Until I hear from her, I don't want to speculate on what will happen or what I will do.' – Mike Whan, commissioner of the LPGA, on his initial reaction to Lexi Thompson making it public knowledge she plans to petition the tour for immediate membership.

“I’ve found that there’s an intensity in my eyes - I even walk different. It’s all confidence. Winning is about confidence and believing in yourself. When I’m here, on the team with 11 other girls, I feel that way. I feel confident. I know I can do it.” – Paula Creamer, on what changes in her during the Solheim Cup week. Creamer went 3-1-1 for the week.

'There's no hard feelings and I suspect we will have a few beers at the Dunhill (Cup). A change may do him and his game good.' – Andrew (Chubby) Chandler, on his split with Ernie Els from his sports management company.

'I'd love to talk to Tiger about it, guy to guy. … We all put our underpants on the same way, one leg at a time. So we sit down and have a chat until two o'clock in the morning.' – Greg Norman, on his wanting to chat with Tiger Woods, man to man, about his personal life.

'If Tiger sticks with it, stays patient, he’ll have a second career. It won’t be like the first. It could be like a Phil Mickelson career. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him win three, four more majors. I don’t see him winning a fifth one, the big one.' – Johnny Miller, in an interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, weighing in on Woods' future.

“I thought I had won on the second playoff hole and then he hits it out of the water to 2 feet. It seemed like he was destined to win this week.” – Hunter Mahan, after losing to Bill Haas in a playoff at the Tour Championship.

“He wished us both good luck for the weekend ... and left.” – Martin Wiegele, who was in the same group as John Daly at the European Tour's Austrian Open, on what was said to him by Daly after Daly abruptly walked off the course after a rules dispute.

“I've been in agony all day.” – European Solheim Cup captain Alison Nicholas, on the roller coaster of emotions she felt during the Sunday singles matches. Europe won the Cup, 15-13.