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2000 Britsh Open - Recalling Secretariat

At 10:24 a.m. eastern time on Saturday, Tiger Woods finally made a bogey, and you could hear the ripple rolling across the golf world.
'The lead is twodid you hear the lead is twowe might have a race!'
Two and a half hours later, Secretariat was in full gallop, only this was the British instead of the Belmont, the prize the grand slam and not the triple crown.
Future golf bets will read like NBA lines with the gambler taking Couples and four strokes against Tiger.
Deflating for you as a fan interested in a close contest?
How do you think the players feel? A sobering reality has clearly set in. There is a player who is at a level others simply cannot get to.
He is unquestionably the best in every facet of the game.
Best driver. Best imagination around the green. Best putter. Best focus. Best course manager. Best condition.
Sobering reality. If he makes putts, he will not lose.
It's unfortunate in a way because others with great skill like Garcia and Duval and Els and Love and you could keep going seem to have shrunk to Lilliputian proportions in Tiger's gargantuan presence.
It's unsettling if you're Duval or Els to try and absorb the fact that you cannot be number one in the world.
It's unfulfilling if you're a fan in search of excitement that you don't need to be in front of the television Sunday, though a romp into history should not be easily dismissed.
No more so than Secretariat, in full thundering stride, breathtakingly beautiful.