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Day Three in Atlanta

The PGA Championship doesnt often get discussed in the same reverential tones as the other three majors. But it continues to deliver tremendous excitement. Some say the course is too easy. But fans like birdies, and nowhere is it written that a major must be a knock down, grind-it-out affair won with a steady succession of pars.
In fact, why not win a major with a hole-in-one?

If David Toms goes on to prevail, the ace at the brutal 15th will be regarded as one of the greatest shots in major championship history.
Jerry Pate hit 1-iron there in 1976 and made two in the final round before drilling his famous 5-iron to the last. Toms did him one better. And outside of Andrew Magees bizarre ace at a par-4 in Phoenix, I cant recall a hole-in-one of late made on Tour with a metal wood.
Toms draws Phil Mickelson in the final round and I wouldnt expect hell back down. Toms has little to lose, and knows how to win. In round three he took just 23 putts, made the ace and a bomb at the last.
It was a raucous, rowdy 65. Percentages say he wont come up with that kind of crazy magic two days in a row, so hell look to establish a steadier hand early.

As for Mickelson, Sundays the biggest day of his career. Again. The guys as resilient as he is talented. Six previous times in majors Phils headed to the final round within two shots of the lead, and each time hes failed to break 70.
At Southern Hills, he posted 75 blows. If he doesnt break 70 on this course, as well suited as it is to Phils game and as generous as its been, then the gorilla on his back gets replaced by an elephant.
Meanwhile, David Duvals hasn't been unable to drop putts with any consistency. Hes five back and probably needs something on the order of 65 to make it two majors in a row.
And what of Shingo Katayama? Shingo, in a business filled with dour and serious faces, looks like the kid at the carnival. The one who just won the funky hat at the football toss. If Shingo somehow hangs in Sunday, this place will go bonkers.
The choice here remains Mickelson. Toms would not be a surprise and hell be a solid addition to the U.S. Ryder Cup team. Ultimately, if 'Sunday matches Saturday on the 'Wow' meter, The PGA Championship will have unfurled yet another good show.