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The Full Monty

Colin Montgomerie's a bit of a cartoon character. He's a fabulous golfer no doubt, but something like a Scottish version of Foghorn Leghorn, the lovable, plump rooster never short on opinions or advice, no matter how misguided he may have been.
Brad Faxon once said of Monty that he's only at his happiest when he's complaining.
Golf Digest listed Monty's best attribute this filter from brain to mouth. And thank goodness for that, because in a world where professional athletes so often deliver nothing but sleep inducing remarks so as to stay away from controversy, Monty speaks and sparks fly and the game is no longer just a game but interesting theater, with some bombast and villainy.
Free Video - Registration Required Montgomerie comments on his first round lead
Like him or hate him golf would be just a little duller without Monty. And his presence at the top of the leaderboard has this championship off to a most intriguing start. Can Monty sustain this?
Certainly he's happier these days, his once shaky marriage having been repaired, as Monty realized he'd been bringing his golf home with him at the expense of his wife and children. So apparently he's in a good frame of mind, with less homegrown pressure now that he's fallen out of the top-10 in the world rankings.
Still, if you're having difficulty adjusting to the happy Monty, the 65 shooting, British open contending Monty, hang in there. We've got three rounds to go. Plenty of time to experience the 'Full Monty'.