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Hooks Cuts From Lefty to Infamy

  • Its one thing to give away a once-in-a-lifetime chance at history, but its another to hand the press a quote that will live in infamy. According to the brutal New York papers his name forevermore is Idiot Mickelson.
  • Phils legacys far from written, but as of this moment the meltdown obscures the 04 game winner at Augusta.
  • No ones suggesting that his final hole was the smartest display of golf, but were not talking about a violent crime either. Raise your hand if youve never done something stupid on a golf course.
  • The ending may have been sad, but it was absolutely spectacular in its suddenness and its devastation.
  • Theres some speculation that Phil and Bones had never even considered Ogilvy as they stood on the 72nd hole and figured they had a two shot lead on Monty. If thats the case, then the play should have been 7-iron, 7-iron and wedge.
  • Monty came up very small but his failings were overshadowed by Mickelsons ruinous collapse.
  • Kenneth Ferrie was hardly a feel-good, long shot story, at least according to one European Tour insider who claims that the tattooed, burly Englishman is a despicable character.
  • Amazing what one boneheaded hole does to perception. If Phil makes par hes the short-term best player in the world. Today, Tiger still rules.
  • The British lost a bit of pop with that Mickelsnafu.
  • On another note, I went to a Phillies/Yankees game on Wednesday with my family. Arrived in the second because of heavy traffic, ate a $75 ballpark dinner in the third, went to the bathroom in the fourth, bought souvenirs in the fifth, looked for our seats in the sixth, stretched in the seventh and beat the traffic in the eighth. Great game.
  • Does it seem to you that Tiger and Phil make almost violent passes at the golf ball, particularly with the driver? They make 90s great Nick Faldo seem like a quaint swinger of the club by comparison.
  • Winged Foot will always be the Open Mickelson blew and not the Open Ogilvy won. But as time goes by and Geoff takes his place with the elite, people will find hes a highly intelligent, thinking mans player with the touch of a locksmith.
  • On another note, I went the supermarket this morning and left totally confused because in every category there are simply too many choices. You can no longer buy Tide. Theres Tide with the red cap, brown cap, blue cap, green cap and purple cap. Scented and unscented. Liquid and powder. Im just looking for clean underwear after three weeks on the road.
  • Mickelsons next press conference could be a TiVo special.
  • Theyve made some mind boggling advances in cereal. Did you know that Captain Crunch now has Superman Shapes that can turn the milk blue?
  • Ive not seen a more unflattering magazine cover than Golf Worlds two weeks ago featuring Carolyn Bivens.
  • The British quickly becomes a story of how Phil and Tiger bounce back.
  • When you consider that Lefty would have had three in a row, that hed be loping towards such rarified territory, can you recall a bigger buzz kill in all your days of watching golf?
  • I bought the Tide with the blue cap and took minor heat for it when I came home. Im such an idiot.

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