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Hooks Cuts From Panama City

  • Golfs regular season seems flat. Too much product, too much parity, too few personalities.
  • Long before he took over at Augusta National, Billy Payne ran the Atlanta Summer Games in 96 and surely had extensive dealings with Dick Ebersol, the Olympic maestro who heads NBC Sports. Johnny Millers openly opined about calling Masters golf. CBS has a distinguished history and lengthy relationship with the storied event, but then so too did ABC with the USGA before the Peacock swooped in to take the U.S. Open in the mid 90s.
  • Broke one of the cardinal rules of travel this morning: I paid for a USA Today.
  • Is Stuart Appelby the current best to have never won a major?
  • Airports bring out my inner flip flopper. Killing time, I browsed Mens Health, Killer Abs and declared that as of that moment I was committing to oatmeal for breakfast, whey protein shakes for lunch and salmon filets with broccoli and balsamic reduction for dinner. Hungry, I wandered into the only spot at the Panama City Airport, considered a stray box of Raisin Bran and then ordered a breakfast burrito with sausage and bacon. When I was done I went back to the newsstand and finished reading Mens Health, Killer Abs.
  • The Chris Couches and Brett Wetterichs of the world seem to win as much as the Davis Loves and Stewart Cinks.
  • Anyone seen Sergio lately?
  • Karrie Webb might be the best story in golf this year.
  • Strange twist but Tiger, not Phil, might be the underdog and sentimental favorite in New York at the U.S. Open in June.
  • Every time I get on my 13 year old to cut his hair, I look at my pictures circa 1973'big do, big glasses, no clue. Bobby Clampett (pre-receding hair line) meets Tom Kite (pre-lasik).
  • I pulled out a Richard Prior CD. Id have paid big money to hear Prior call golf on television.
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