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Hooks Cuts from the Ryder Cup

36th Ryder Cup Matches
  • The U.S. team fished the River Liffy Monday night and apparently Tiger landed a big one. Hopefully the trout wont be the biggest prize of the week.
  • Its really very simple. If Tiger doesnt get at least four points this week, the U.S. loses the Cup for a third straight time.
  • J.J. Henrys a sleeper star for the Yanks.
  • On the drive to the hotel we listened to Spin 1038FM play a funky 10 song set with an American disc jockey bringing mostly American tunes. American music plays well the world over, better it appears than American politics. The Sunday paper in Ireland carried a front page headline that had 80 percent of Ireland disagreeing with President Bushs policies. Asked to describe the relationship between the two countries Padraig Harrington said, Its good but just dont talk politics.
  • U.S. players are singing college fight songs at night and the praises of Captain Tom Lehman to the press. Stewart Cink claims Lehman has taken control, telling them where to go, who to play with, what time to arrive and how much money to put in the practice round betting pool.
  • Darren Clarke and Lee Westwood were two down with two to play in a Tuesday match against Harrington and Paul McGinley. Clarke birdied 17 and Westwood eagled the 18th to score a half and win some cash. The halfs not nearly as bad as forking over the money to those guys, cracked Harrington.
  • Theres an 800-year-old bar in Dublin called The Brazen Head. Theyve always liked to tip a pint here. In fact, the only sport more popular may be hurling.
  • The K Clubs been ridiculed as little more than an American style resort course, but the par-5 18th with water left and eagles a real possibility could get Ballybunion off peoples minds come Sunday.
  • Harrington told me that the motion used to hit the ball in hurling is the reason so many kids in Ireland transition to golf so well. They rely more on feel than mechanics. Think Darren Clarke.
  • The Euros moved the Marty Hackel fashion meter in pink sweaters and black slacks on Tuesday. But the Americans stepped out with the best look over the first two days when they arrived in what Julius Mason of The PGA of America called, the mac daddy of Ralph Lauren tweed coats. If Lehman had been smoking a pipe he couldve passed for Harry Vardon circa 1910. Either Vardon, or the owner of a small bookstore in Cork.
  • Lehman says he learned a lot when he sat the bench as a sophomore on a Minnesota high school football team that won the state title. I may not have liked it at the time, he said. But as the years went by and I realized that I was part of a special team, it meant so much to me.
  • The K Club, in the words of analyst Dottie Pepper, is skinny in spots. No surprise then that Lehman took the usually straight hitting Cink and Scott Verplank as captains choices.
  • Nick Faldo said on Irish radio that we proved over the years that we have the biggest hearts. Does that qualify as black board material for the U.S.?
  • If that doesnt, the Johnny Miller missive likely will. Miller wrote that this may be the worst U.S. team ever. I never agree with anything Johnny says or writes, said Chris DiMarco, who as the Irish are fond of saying, frequently punches above his weight.
  • Lehmans charges will watch a video that includes scenes from Patton, Hoosiers, Miracle, and Grapes of Wrath and Gladiator. Just a thought, but given that the U.S. has appeared, in the words of Jim Furyk, constipated at times, could a Three Stooges episode hurt?

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