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A monster indeed

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2008 US Open 81x90BLOOMFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. ' One player said Oakland Hills is so difficult that its like playing scrabble without the vowels. Its nsty, but not quite impssbl.
Over the next several days, its going to get really hard, and frankly thats become a tiresome subject matter at these majors, sort of like the Brett Favre saga. What would be news is the major thats kind of easy.
So theres little to talk about but how demanding the course is. Then again, we dont come to these events to talk politics, do we?
And the city of Detroit would prefer that we didnt given the mess the local mayors made. A bad boy without an NBA title, he spent Thursday in jail mired in a salacious scandal.
On the plus side, for the first time in almost 15 years someone wearing a Lions hat was near the top of the standings. That was the case until Ben Curtis, true to the team he was fronting, stumbled to the finish.
In any event, this leaderboard, not surprisingly, is dotted with low heart rate types like Robert Karlsson.
Karlsson, once an admitted volcanic hot-head, is now reformed and living by the code: Its not what happens to you, its not how you react to what happens to you, its how you choose to react to what happens to you.
Then theres Jeev Milkha Singh, the son of a legendary Indian Olympic sprinter. Hes a devoted practitioner of yoga and meditation.
So the key will be to accept what is, on a golf course described by Paul Goydos as diabolically mean. Dont fight it. Flow with it.
Hard times. Theyre inevitable here. Hard times, as the mayor would attest, are relative, too.
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