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To the Moon and Back

Australia's a beautiful country with plenty to see, but it's only slightly closer to the U.S. than the moon. Alan Shepard went a long way for one swing, but he had a few other things to do while he was there.
Safe to say that Skip Kendall, Greg Kraft and other first round losers at the Match Play didn't travel down under to collect rocks. But that's about all they have to show for their efforts. That and some jet lag.
Worry not though, for the likes of Kirk Triplett and Duffy Waldorf. 'One and done' in Australia, they'll make the half-day trek to Hawaii, relax on the beach, work on their games and await the start of the Mercedes Championships.
The trip is looking better for those who remain, with the guarantee of $150,000 to the final eight and the possibility of a million-dollar payout to the winner. There are Ryder Cup points to put in the bank as well, and all the exemptions which come with a victory.
But make no mistake, there's simply no buzz for this tournament, with NFL playoffs and the painfully dull and oversaturated college bowl games dominating the headlines. Of course, it all would have been different had the blond bomber himself, one Tiger Woods, gone to Australia. But alas even he was thinking football on the sidelines at the Orange Bowl.
Ultimately, this will all be corrected with the switch back to February and California for next year's Match Play. It's just unfortunate for Australia, by all accounts a sporting and leisure paradise, that more big names weren't inclined to go to the moon and back for a little golf.