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Muirfield More Fitting for Nick Price

EAST LOTHIAN, Scotland -- When 45-year-old Nick Price, long one of the game's best and straightest drivers, gets going with his putter, he's awfully good. When Nick Price gets going on the subject of today's golf courses, he's not bad either.
'If you look at scores here at Muirfield it goes to show that the powers that be at Augusta and the USGA are going in the wrong direction,' said Price on a subject he's always eager to discuss.
'You don't have to add length to a golf course to make it more difficult,' he added.
'If you pinch in the driving areas for everyone and everyone has the same hazards when they miss a tee shot,' he explained, 'then it's all about game managment. It's controlling not only the distance you hit the ball but the accuaracy as well. And that's what they've done here. It's wonderful. You don't see par-4 holes here that are 475 yards that are all carry. You're allowed to run the ball here. There ares no par-4s where you have to carry bunkers that are 265 yards off the tee,' he pointed out, a not-terribly-veiled reference to the setup at Bethpage Black.
'This is pure golf right here,' Price emphasized with a smile.
So not surprisingly, Price stands a legitimate chance to hoist the Claret Jug for a second time. If he does, he'd also be sending an emphatic message to those Hall of Fame voters who deemed him not worthy on the most recent ballot. Price was terribly disappointed, and with good reason. He'll undoubtedly be enshrined someday, but how is Price with three majors not at least the equal of Ben Crenshaw? With 15 victories, he matched Tiger as the winningest player of the '90s.
Thankfully, Price is simply too good natured to harbor any bitterness. He'd be a popular champion here, the golf course and the man perfectly matched to turn back the clock, if only for a brief spell, to a time when golf's shotmakers, and not simply golf's power hitters, carried the day.
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