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Questions Questions and More Questions

If Tiger Woods wins The Masters on top of The Players Championship, is that a grand slam plus one?
If Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, and Arnold Palmer say no it is not a true grand slam even if Tiger prevails at Augusta, then who's going to argue?
On the other hand, if Tiger does win The Masters, does that not end the argument, who's the greatest player of all time?
If people overwhelmingly deny Tiger the right to call it a grand slam, will he decide to end the debate by winning the next three after that?
If Tiger dropped 100 balls in the same spot at 17 where he made that Saturday snake, how many would he drain, three?
With due respect to Bob Charles, Bobby Locke and Ben Crenshaw, is Tiger Woods the greatest putter of all time?
Just how did Tiger's parents cultivate such a complete mastery of fear, of any and all doubt, in their child?
How many fathers are at work right now trying to create the next Tiger Woods?
How many of those kids will end up hating golf?
Did Tiger really hit a three iron 270 over the 9th green last week?
If Tiger's playing golf, what's the name of the sport the rest of us are playing?

Tiger, Arnie and others comment on 'What is the Grand Slam?' Watch it!
If Tiger wins the Masters will you consider it the Grand Slam ?
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