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The sentiment is back with Michelle Wie

2007 Kraft Nabisco ChampionshipRANCHO MIRAGE, Calif. – Michelle Wie played in the final group of a major when she was 13 years old ...13!

She shot 68 against the men at the Sony Open on the PGA Tour when she was 14 ...14!

So the view of Michelle early on, was, 'My goodness, this is like nothing we’ve ever seen.' But then people soured on her forays into the men’s game. The feeling was, 'Prove yourself against your peers – against the women.'

The sentiment appears to be back with Michelle again.

Now 21, she may not be an appreciably better golfer than she was as a 15-year-old, given just how good she was, but she’s certainly well rounded.

If your child was about to earn a degree from Stanford while earning seven figures as an internationally-famous athlete, you’d probably be justifiably proud.

I remember what Michelle said four years ago when she was coming under pretty heavy criticism. She’d worked as a teacher’s assistant at a ‘Head Start’ pre-school with four-year-olds, remarking, “It made me realize the joy of being young.”

She seems to have found that joy at Stanford, and on the golf course as well. And that may turn out to be a greater achievement than had she won a major by now.

Professional golf is a hard business. There’s too little time to be young.

But there’s still plenty of time for Michelle to win majors.