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Sony Wie Open Pandoras Box

Pandoras box has been opened, and out jumped a 14-year-old ninth-grade girl.
The sponsors own the boxes, and theyd be delighted to have you scream your objections across talk radio, pleased to hear the pundits dissect the issue on OReilly or any of the other cable news shows, thrilled to read all the big city newspaper columnists weigh in with their opinions, overjoyed to see The Golf Channel cover the circus from every angle, and giddy at the prospect of ESPN giving it the full treatment on Outside the Lines.
Michelle WieSo long as you mention Sony.
Dont blame Michelle Wie. Shes simply taking advantage of a unique opportunity.
The PGA Tour? Theyre beholden to the sponsors who fork over six to seven million dollars to put their name on a tournament and six-figure checks in the pockets of the worlds best players.
The sponsors are looking to get bang for the buck, looking to stand out in a crowded sports landscape.
How many newspaper, television, internet and radio impressions did Bank of America generate because of Annika Sorenstam? I dont know the number but rest assured it was significant and save for perhaps some extra security at Colonial they didnt have to invest a penny to make it happen. They simply had to extend the invitation.
The critics figure to jump all over this. I cant imagine players will be very happy. Youll hear that the games been cheapened by her appearance. Youll hear that its one thing to invite the greatest player in womens golf, but a 14-year-old?
Youll hear it, youll read about it, youll watch it for the next two months. And when she tees it up, youll be quick to tune in to find out how she did.
Go ahead, call in the sports psychologists for theories on burnout in sports prodigies.
Put the microphone in front of the grizzled veterans of the mens tour and wait for the controversial comment.
Its all coming and its coming in waves.
And Sony couldnt be happier.