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Suggestions for Tiger

  • Make some moves Tiger.
  • Wear black on Sundays. Tell the world it is time for a change. Get’em talking.

Quit tweeting. Ian Poulter tweets. You win majors.

Forget the commercials for now, especially the latest where you’re a bit actor in an ensemble cast of fine but not-famous players.

It’s like George Clooney doing “Jersey Shore.” The juxtaposition of talent and mega-stardom set against this piece of messaging may be good for the company, but it’s bad for you.

In fact, back off the endorsement push altogether. Shut it down commercially. Create mystique.

Be authentic.

If you’re really rehabilitated, show us that. But if at your core you’re ruthless and single-minded as many suspect, then show us that. LeBron James is growing on America as the anti-hero. 

Right now, it seems that you’re stuck in the middle and the middle sucks.

Above all, remember that plenty of people respect and admire your talent and wish you well. Who has entertained more than you the last 15 years? Nobody. No athlete, no movie star, no comedian, no one has created more unbelievable moments than you.

Witnessing the fall was crushing, but it wouldn’t obliterate your awe-inspiring rise.

Now fix your swing. Find your spirit. Play golf. Quit tweeting. Wear black. Win.