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Taking the High Road

Barry Bonds blasts the Babe, Kobe's fallen from grace, a college basketball player is murdered, and another summer of salacious scandal steals a nation's attention, at least until football thunders in to rob families of fathers for six months.
Golf just can't seem to get in step.
Hot drivers? Bad bounces at Royal St. George's? Not good enough to make the Abrams Report, or Hannity and Colmes.
All our quiet little sport can offer is wholesome characters who stepped off the set of Ozzie and Harriett, circa 1955. Brought to you by Ivory Soap they're so pure. Hilary Lunke and Ben Curtis, the heartland heartstoppers.
She's from Minnesota. He's from small town Ohio. They both come from solid, hardworking families. Both are humble, polite, sincere and unpretentious.
Where's the street cred? Sure, their story plays to the soccer moms who watch Katie and Matt, but there's not enough edge to get Greta talking.
Ever heard the saying that if you teach a kid golf you teach them to stay out of trouble? What an outdated concept!
That's all right. A restless country, having endured impeachment, election mayhem, terrorism, war and general uncertainty in recent years, needs something, anything besides a pharmaceutical quick fix to make it feel good.
There was a time when sports served us well in that regard. Thanks to one unspoiled game, it does again.
This is golf's Seabiscuit season.