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Tigers Achievements on the All-time List

One way to measure Tiger's impact is to rank-unofficially of course and as much for a fun, subjective discussion as anything else-his achievements on the all-time list. Nicklaus' 18 majors, Jones' Slam, Byron's 11 in a row, Hogan's Triple after the car crash, Snead's 81 victories, Hagen's four straight PGA Championships--historians could debate the order. I do believe it's important to measure each individual against his peers at that time and against the standards of the times.

For example, you could make the case that Jones' slam should be number one because he's the only one to have ever won the four most important titles of his day, of his day, in the same season. That's never been done before.
Of course, you could well counter that no one until Tiger had won the four professional majors in succession. That, too, has never been done before.
So it's darn near a push for top spot.
Nicklaus' career achievement of 18 pro majors could go three. Byron's 11 in a row four. Hogan's three majors in a row after the car crash five. Snead's 81 victories is in at six again because longevity and consistency matter.
But after six-- and we've been conservative so as not to seem too Tiger-centric-- Tiger starts filling out the remainder of the rankings.
Three U.S. Amateurs in a row.
The U.S. Open by 15.
The Masters at 21 by a dozen.
67.79. His scoring average for 2000.
Six PGA Tour wins in a row.
Career slam by age 24.
Scoring records at all four majors.
U.S., British and Canadian Opens, same season triple crown.
Bay Hill, Players and Masters trifecta of 2001.
So it's arguable that Tiger has six of the 11 greatest all time achievements to his credit. What do you think?
How do Tiger's records stack up against Nicklaus, Jones and others?
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