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Used Cars and Funny Bounces

Golfs like a used car salesman, smiling at you with an arm around your shoulder while the other hand lifts your wallet out of your back pocket.
Bob Burns thought he was buying a Porsche. Instead he drove out with a Pinto. OK, with a couple large in earnings he can do better than a Pinto, but you catch my drift, dont you?
I mean the guy makes a singleton at the 11th hole thanks to a perfect bounce and roll, his 9-iron feeding from right to left and into the jar for a two stroke lead.
I pushed it way right, he said.
Its your lucky day, son, just stick with me.
Later, at the 16th, he hit what appeared to be a righteous shot.
I loved it from the fairway, Burns told the media afterwards. Then I saw it hop up on top and kind of spin back to the left and they were cheering and all of a sudden the ball disappeared and everybody started moaning. So I didnt know what was going on.
Follow me sir, your car is almost ready.
His ball mockingly rolled off the green. From there, Burns kicked away any chance to win when he took four blows with his putter.
It might have been a bad decision to putt that ball, he explained. But I couldnt really come up with anything else to do. I just didnt hit it quite hard enough.
In the meantime, Bob Estes plays it like the accountant in the back room. No one knows hes there until it comes time to cash the checks. All he did on a tough day was turn in 17 pars and one birdie.
I hate to make mental errors, hit the wrong club off the tee or play to the wrong place on the green, he said after his fourth PGA Tour victory. And I really didnt ever do that.
Estes wont ever make the personality meter spike, but this isnt professional wrestling.
He is on the verge of winning a major, where steady pays off and par grinders contend.
As for Bob Burns
Well, come see me next time pal, and I promise you well make you a heckuva deal!
Confounded game, isnt it?