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What I Love About the British Open

I love that theres important, meaningful golf on at 8 in the morning.
I love putting out a nice spread of bagels and camping out while I watch the tournament.
I love that its over at 2, not 7, and that youre more likely yourself to play late afternoon, sunset golf on a British Open weekend.
I love that at the British you dont aim for trees but maybe for a hotel or a house.
I love the British because youre often introduced to names youve never heard of, like Mr. Lu or Constantino Rocca or Justin Rose.
I love the creativity it invites because you have to skip it, bump it, chip it, bounce it off a wall or putt it from 70 yards away, over a hump and under the wind.
I love the bleakness of the British, more brown and gray than green and blue.
I love the more gentle nature of the British announcers.
I love the yellow scoreboards with the black numbers, and the man inside.
I love the way the British crowds sound.
I love when the guys wear beanies in the cold.
I love it when they hunch forward and try to walk through a 40 mile per hour wind.
I love when they hack it out of the heather.
I love the way the ball bounds forever down a hard fairway.
I love The British Open because its so unpredictable, a testament to the idea that golf is not fair, nor was it ever necessarily meant to be.
What do you love about The British Open?