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Whats Possible

What is possible?
When Tiger Woods announced that his goal was to win every tournament he entered, people thought, that's crazy, it can't be done. Calculating and clinical in his pursuit, Tiger's shown us it's not crazy. It's possible.
According to one PGA Tour veteran, the effect on players has been profound. Everywhere he turns, he finds golfers re-examining what is possible; he finds an urgency to become more complete.
Take inventory; accept that it is not a ridiculous notion to be effective on a consistent basis. Every shot, every round, every week.
As good as Tiger? No, because that may be physically implausible. But reaching one's own maximum talent ceiling more frequently? Absolutely.
Across the board, we see evidence of those who assessed weaknesses and became better than they'd ever been, from Phil Mickelson to Vijay Singh to Kirk Triplett to Grant Waite to Lee Westwood to Karrie Webb to Lorie Kane.
What is possible? There are more players at every single level, who, because of Tiger Woods, are rethinking that very question. No limits. Explore new personal boundaries; make new discoveries. What is possible? The impact of that simple consideration figures to be felt for many years.