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Woods Sorenstam Lopez and Other Thoughts

-Tigers back and when last we saw him hed jumped to the front of the most exclusive line in golf. Ahead of Jones. Ahead of Hogan. Ahead of Jack. Nobodys ever played the game better than Tiger Woods. Thats inarguable now.
-Annikas putting together a forever season of her own with five wins in eight starts. Shes been as spectacular as Tiger, too, with a 59, a 10-stroke comeback and another stirring rally last weekend. Wondering where Karries been? Shes now down five-love to Annika in somewhat of a reversal of last year. The upcoming U.S. Women's Open figures to be among the most anticipated in many seasons as Webb looks to defend at the spot where Annika captured the Open in 1996'Pine Needles in North Carolina.
-Womens golf is now more appealing than the seniors. It seems as though only a handful of guys have a chance to win each week and theres just very little reason to tune in. Lower the age to 45.
-Back from the Buy.Com Tour in Raleigh where winner John Maginnes explained his decision to lose 30 pounds. I was short and crooked and fat and weak, he cracked. Thats not a good combination.
-Nancy Lopez always seems to open the sentimental floodgates, so when she was forced to go through U.S. Women's Open qualifying, at which she shot 78 and missed, there was an outcry of injustice. Surely a legend of her stature need not suffer such indignity. I beg to disagree. The U.S.Golf Association gave her special invitations the last two years. She simply didnt warrant a third based on her play of late. The U.S. Open should try to remain as impartial as possible.
-A Tiger win this week would give him the 'Legends Slam' with three straight victories at Jacks Memorial, Arnies Bay Hill and Byron's event. Someday, Woods will have a Tour-sanctioned event of his own.
-Like a tasty Louisiana gumbo, David Toms had us fired up this past weekend. That was a rousing, raucous tournament. And now, of course, Phil Mickelson will be the whipping boy for the critics, wholl claim he cant finish, hes too loose, and hes no Tiger. Fact is hes still the second best golfer in the world with 18 victories by age 30 and tens of millions in the bank. Funny how people measure success sitting on a sofa far from the heat of competition.
-Finally, condolences to Mark OMeara and his family on the loss of Marks mother, Nelda. Our thoughts and best wishes are with Mark, hid Dad and the rest of the family.