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Being Eliminated Isnt All That Bad

Big Break: MesquiteAs you all saw, I was the first player eliminated in the competition. It sucks; no one wants to be the first man out, but its the nature of this competition. My first day after being knocked out was kind of boring; after all, I was by myself. The following day Matt Every joined my squad and each day after that more and more of the guys joined my team of eliminated players.
I am sure a lot of people think that once you are eliminated from the competition, GOLF CHANNEL sends you packing and back to our home cities, but that is not the case. The day after you get eliminated, all you want to do is SLEEP! After the sleep recovery period, the fun really started. We played golf pretty much every morning at some awesome courses like Falcon Ridge and the Casa Blanca Resort. After golf, we had to do our daily ritual of Go-Cart Racing, as per Matt Every's request, followed up with a little mini-golf skins game. Now its about 1 p.m. and off to the pool we go for a little sun and poolside drink ' many poolside drinks!
We did the same thing almost every day, but then there were other days were we switched things up a little bit. Anthony wanted to go skeet shooting, and all we heard about is how good of a shot he is. The man is no joke. Its amazing how many of those discs he hit, while I was just horrible. Matt Every said screw it, and started aiming for birds in the trees. Later that night we all got together and went to this night club called Club Xtreme. No joke, there had to be a couple hundred people waiting in line, but GOLF CHANNEL must have pulled some strings because we rolled in there VIP style. Last but not least, we rented a boat and went wake boarding on Lake Mead. We spent a few hours out on the water, hotter then hell, but an overall great time.
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