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Big Break The Palm Beaches, FL Episode 5 Breakdown

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Big Break Ireland contestant Kelly Jacques breaks down Episode 5 of Big Break The Palm Beaches, FL, along with two-time Big Break contestant and host of School of Golf, Sara Brown. Don’t miss their expert commentary every week after each episode and make sure to tune in Mondays at 9PM ET.



Kelly: Sara, I love that we kicked off the show with a shot makers challenge! It makes it better that the players did not have a choice in which way they needed to work the ball! Once again…great job producers!


Sara: Totally agree Kelly... I loved that they had to just randomly punch out one of the squares... I got a kick out of seeing them have fun with it... Like when Clay pretended he was boxing it... We didn't have a draw fade wall on either one of my big breaks but it was pretty intimidating on tv I can only image what it was like standing right in front of you!!! 


Kelly: That was a great mulligan by Tommy, even though it didn’t pay off! I was happy to finally see him hit a good shot! And Chad came right back and knocked him out of immunity! I’m relieved to see that he is finally safe and won’t be playing in his 4th straight elimination challenge!


Sara: Tommy's mulligan may have been used wisely Kelley, but seriously what about Kyle...? I mean really you just said you don't like to curve the ball... He gets fade and pulls it way left then TAKES THE MULLIGAN... And almost does the same thing... Come on Kyle... Not smart there... I felt in this challenge, the guys struggled because each has their own shot shape they like... But they were not allowed to pick it was all by random with their punch... We heard a lot of players say they would rather hit a _______ and then pull the opposite... Like Justin who was smart and didn't use his mulligan because he wasn't comfortable with the fade... But some players seemed very comfortable and that was Clay and Chad who won immunity and were probably looking forward to the rest of the day off everyone had been getting who won previous immunity challenges... Especially Chad hahaha BUT... 


Kelly: Right Sara... BUT We had a Big Break first come out in the second immunity! The two players closest to the line behind Chad and Clay (Tommy and Brandon) had the choice to call on either Chad or Clay once in the 3 locations to hit an additional shot if necessary. What an awesome challenge! Sara, who would you chose to hit your shot for you if needed? 


Sara: I really liked this twist to the second immunity challenge... It allowed Brandon and Tommy (because they came in 3rd and 4th in the last challenge) to use back up (or the bull pen as they called it hahaha) with either Clay or Chad for one shot... And of course these guys would win a 1000 dollars if their shots was used and either Tommy or Brandon won immunity with their help... which was a pretty nice incentive to stay :) I knew Brandon was going to call on Clay... They are friends and when Tommy hit it long and called on Clay to  hit I think that was smart because Clay knew the distance and the shot... However I would have chosen Chad all day... He's just been playing awesome and as they call him he's corporal Clutch why wouldn't you call on him... 


Kelly: I was shocked with how poor Brandon’s shots were through the first two locations. He used Clay and he burned through his one and only mulligan. Come on Brandon….you have to step it up if you want to stick around! I think he listened to me! He finally hit a good shot at that third location but still found himself in the elimination challenge once Tommy picked him to battle it out.


Sara: Yea Tommy did pick Brandon for the elimination challenge and in a kind of awkward way I think... Tommy seemed very nervous to pick anyone and even said I don't know why I'm even picking you Brandon. But well as we all know there can only be one at the finish line holding the Big Break trophy... Sooo off to the Bear Trap they go... Come on boys give us a good show!!!


Kelly: Sara, I worked at PGA National for a year and I absolutely love this course. The course is definitely as hard as it looks…as it requires you to pull out almost every shot in the bag! I was excited to see how these boys would handle the infamous Bear Trap!

WHAT?! Tommy makes his bunker shot on the first hole for BIRDIE!! That was a huge start….and a two shot deficit through 1 hole is definitely not how you want to start off if you’re Brandon!


Sara: I literally cheered and clapped for Tommy as if I was there!!! Hahahaha that bunker shot was not easy either... green going away from you, hitting towards the water and Big Break elimination pressure WOW!!! Now whose clutch!!! 


Kelly: I was equally as surprised that he then went for the green in two…from the fairway bunker…over the water…with a 2 shot lead! You have more guts than me buddy! Sara, I know you have that aggressive shot in the bag…would you have done the same or layed up?


Sara: NO WAY!!! I do play more on the aggressive side BUT from that distance with what's on the line and a 2 shot lead I would have taken my medicine and laid it up... However Kelly it worked out for him SORT OF... I mean I know he hit it green side bunker but it was safely over the water and well he did just dunk the last bunker shot he had why not do it again... But that shot from Brandon WOW!!! Great recovery after making bogey on the opening elimination hole. He's definitely got game... They both do and you can see how much they want to be there!!!


Kelly: Yea absolutely, Brandon did exactly what professionals are conditioned to do…bounce back! He made his short birdie putt and gained a very crucial shot back. Unfortunately he gave it right back on the last hole. He pulled his pitching wedge pretty bad, leaving him an awkward pitch over the bunker…essentially leaving the match in Tommy’s hands.


Sara: I mean I wouldn't say he totally gave it back... I look at it this way... Tommy got up and down from that bunker on 16 which is just as impressive as chipping in on 15 and then he sticks his shot in the par 3 17th... Yea Brandon pulled his shot left but almost chipped it in... I mean he played his ball he just got beat by a guy who golfed their ball better... 2 under on the Bear Trap!!! Are you kidding me??? I bet there are PGA Tour guys that would give their right pinky toe to play the Bear Trap in 2 under... Brandon didn't play terrible... He just got beat by spectacular golf... And honestly that is a way, if any, to be exiting this show... Brandon never gave up... he's got game but Tommy just played better golf!


Kelly: Yes and we saw as Tommy drained his birdie to close out the match and send Brandon home. He played the Bear Trap 2 under! Tommy that was amazing! Tour pros would have paid you last week at The Honda to hit those shots for them! I’m so glad Tommy came out on top. I’m always a fan of people who don’t give up on their dream and continue to chase it until the passion is no longer there. You’re representing well Tommy, and I know a lot of people are watching you in admiration. 


Sara: I agree Tommy is a great player... Love seeing him chase the dream! He's definitely got game to do it! And Brandon was a long ball hitter who brought a lot of fun and energy to the show... You will be missed Brandon... Best of luck to you in all that you do!!! BUT we are now down to 7 remaining contestants aaaaahhhhhhhh!!! Hope you all are enjoying the show as much as we are!!! Stay tuned for our take on everything Big Break the Palm Beaches Florida... NEXT WEEK!!!