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Monday Wonderful Monday

So the thing is, I have a great life. There is no doubt about it: Life is good. But there are still some days that are better than others. This past Monday was one of those days when things just went right.
Sarah Lynn, Meaghan Francella and Meridith Duncan
Sarah Lynn catches a Mets game with Meaghan Francella and Meredith Duncan.
A normal Monday for a professional golfer is usually spent traveling or relaxing, but, for me, I had to play in the U.S. Open regional qualifier. I started out by giving my daddy caddy the day off and asking my husband to caddy for me. Herbie, my husband, said sure it would be a day we could spend together. We were playing at a course in Chatham, N.J., called Fairmount Country Club. It is an old club with big trees, small greens and tight fairways. It was beautiful. If anyone has ever looked at U.S. Open qualifying scores before they are sometimes pretty high, so I was not feeling a lot of pressure to do anything special. I guess that is when it normally happens -- I shot 65 and won by six. I looked at the scores later that night and 79 got in. That is how my wonderful Monday started.
The girl that Herbie usually caddies for, Meaghan Francella, won the Mexico City tournament a couple of weeks ago. The owner of the New York Mets is from the same town as Meaghan and asked her to throw the first pitch out at the game on Monday night. By default, I ended up getting one of the tickets to go watch this momentous event. Herbie told her that she would not hear the end of it, from all of us, if she didnt make it to the plate. Lucky for her the ball made it over the plate just before bouncing into the catcher. She looked great doing it.
On top of the fact that one of my friends got to throw a pitch out at a Major League game, we had the most incredible seats. They were right behind home plate, first row!! Thats right, first row. Although some women could care less about going to a baseball game, I love it. I got down to the seats and decided I was hungry. Thats when the waiter showed up. I didnt even have to get up to go order my beer and hot dog! The experience topped the day off perfectly. The game came down to a full count at which point the Cubs pitcher walked in the wining run. It was a great time that I will never forget.
If all Mondays were as good as this lastone, I might never stop playing professional golf!
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