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Martin's Blog - Chapter 2: 100 Yards & In

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Cliff Notes
-Distance is more important than direction from 100 yards and in!

-Most golfers suffer from EBS, otherwise know as Erratic Bottom Syndrome. This will cause fat and thin shots from 100 yards and in. The three main causes are poor ball position and alignment, faulty wrists in the backswing and bashing with the arms before you bump with the hips in the downswing.

-To find the proper ball position, place an alignment rod on the ground between your feet and place both of your feet the same distance from the rod about 4 inches on each side. When you turn your left foot out, it may appear that the ball position has changed, but it has not! Very important! Your ball position should be the same for every single swing from 100 yards and. 

-Here's how you eliminate the chicken wing. Get a broom about the same length of a 5-iron (you can also trim the broom's bristles like the lie of a 5-iron).  Stand about the broom length plus 6 inches away. Use the broom for practice swings.  If you chicken wing, the broom will not reach the wall. The right shoulder turns through as left shoulder turns away and that will give you enough room for the broom to brush against the wall. This drill gives you the feeling of brushing the grass and clipping the wall.

-Make sure to 'drop it before you pop it'. To practice your downswing, put a sand wedge club face under your back heel with the club shaft sticking out to the side. Before you strike the ball, your back foot should lift up and release the sand wedge to the floor.

Facebook Question from The Class
Q: I'm a junior golfer and new to the Michigan PGA TOUR. I hit my driver in the sweet spot but it ends up hooking. Any drills? (Stephen Garcia)

A: You’re probably taking the club too far around your body on the backswing. Instead try this. As you turn away from the ball, swing your arms and the club up. Then make sure you turn your belt buckle to the target as early as you can in the forward swing.

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Homework Assignment
-Keep Your Grip Pressure Constant
-Practice Like Clockwork

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