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Martins's Blog - Chapter 4: Putt for Dough

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Cliff Notes
-To control your distance on the putting green, simply put a piece of tape on the green 10 to 15 feet from you. Putt the ball and see if you can get the ball to stop on the piece of tape. 
-The belief you need to keep your head down to hit a straight shot is RUBBISH! While on the range, try hitting balls and picking up the flight of the ball as soon as you can. Robert Allenby and Annika Sorenstam, great ball strikers, picks their heads up immediately after contact.
-To release the club correctly, grab a buddy for this drill. Have your friend stand in front of you holding an impact bag at about waist high. Without a golf ball, make a practice swing at about 50% and stick the toe of the club into the impact bag. Feel the right arm brush up over the left (right-handed) and you should get a sense of fully releasing the club.

Facebook Question from The Class
Q: When I was watching the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am I noticed that none of the amateurs were on-plane at the top but all the pros were. As an amateur, how do I get on-plane at the top consistently? (Jess Shephard)

A: Probably the easiest way I can describe it is this. At the end of the backswing, if the club is parallel to the ground, it should be parallel to your target line. If it isn’t parallel to the ground, the grip end should pointing somewhere along the target line. If you don’t meet one of those two requirements, you’re off plane.

Martin’s Library
“Putting Out of Your Mind' by Dr. Bob Rotella

Homework Assignment
-Develop a consistent routine on the greens
-Work on your putting speed more than direction

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Chapter 5: Setup for Success (February 29, 2012)
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