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Martin's Blog - Chapter 3: Bombing the Driver

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Cliff Notes
-Shifting your weight: Place an impact bag or any type of box on your front foot. There should be a small gap between your front leg and the impact bag and when you take your backswing, and that gap should increase.  Close the gap between your leg and the bag and feel the outside of your leg bump into the impact bag then swing down.

-Correct spine angle on drives: Set up to the ball and place your right hand (if you're right-handed) on your right leg and tilt down to your right knee while keeping the same club position. Being in this position lets you hit up on your drive which is needed to bomb it.

-Swinging the club faster: Simply grab a rope and swing it like a golf club. When you swing the rope it gets the body more involved in the swing and generates more power.

Facebook Question from The Class
Q: How can I gain distance without putting weight on my left hip? I am disabled with a 4 inch lift on my left leg. I have lost distance since my injury. (Arnold Pina)

A: I think your best bet is to play the ball back in your stance, aim to the right, swing out to the right and try to hit a hand & arm draw shot. That should maximize your distance.

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Martin’s Library
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Homework Assignment
-Load Up Your Right Side on the Backswing
-Extending the Spine Properly on the Follow-Through

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Chapter 3: Bombing the Driver (February 8, 2012)
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