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Martin's Blog - Chapter 1: Dead Solid Contact

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Cliff Notes for Dead Solid Contact:

-Finding the sweet spot on the club face maximizes your distance and direction.

-Two terms every golfer should understand are gross and fine motor skills. Gross motor skills are basic movements and power producers (think smashing concrete with a sledgehammer). Fine motor skills precise movement and accuracy producers (think a surgeon using a scalpel).

-Fine motor skills must constantly be reinforced because they evaporate quickly

-Four drills to enhance your fine motor skills are use impact spray on the club face, draw a dot on the ball and center of the club face and practice hitting dot-to-dot, put a washer on the ground and practice hitting down on it so it jumps in the air and hold two clubs upside-down swing tapping the shafts together.

Facebook Question from The Class
Q: I recently got a belly putter. Any tips to help me start using it correctly? (Jeff Eklund)

A: The secret to the belly putter is to get the ball position correct. You need to hit the ball either absolutely at the bottom of the arc or slightly on the upswing. You certainly don’t want to hit it on the downswing. I also think with longer putts, make sure you take enough backswing, don’t over-accelerate on the forward swing.

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Martin’s Library
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Homework Assignment
-Keep Your Grip Pressure Constant
-Practice Like Clockwork

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Chapter 2: Improving Your Tempo (January 31, 2012)
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