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If You Build It He Will Win It

Editor's Note: Scott Lee is a contributing writer for He has been covering the world of golf for more than a decade and offers a unique and entertaining look at topical matters in the sport.
If you build it, he will win it.
He, of course, is Tiger Woods, and we have been constantly reminded of the rest since the whole Hello, world thing back in 96. Remember before the tournament (Milwaukee), when then-ABC announcer Curtis Strange asked Tiger what his goal was in his first PGA TOUR event as a pro? Tiger said: to win.
Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods has millions upon millions of reasons to laugh. (WireImage)
Curtis laughed in his face.
Since then, about the only one laughing has been Tiger. Meanwhile, asteroids have come closer to hitting the Earth than Strange has come to winning a pro golf tournament. And all the while, Tiger has been racking up wins faster than a stripper collects singles from a bachelor party.
Tiger is just that much better than everybody. Period.
There are players who work harder (Vijay). There are players who take plenty of time off (Phil), to stay rested and sharp. There are players with just as much raw natural talent (Serg ... um, Ill get back to you on that one). Players who bomb it, plumb bob it and bump-and-run it every bit as good as Tiger does. But none with as much consistency ' and none of them even come close to Tiger when it comes to putting together the complete package.
Tiger ends the unofficial official 2007 PGA TOUR season the unequivocal world No. 1 (he currently has 24.03 world ranking points) ' 14.3 points ahead of the second-ranked player (Mickelson, 9.73). Phils lead over No. 3 (Jim Furyk) is a measly 1.66 points.
Whats that? You say you dont understand that convoluted world ranking system to begin with? Well neither do I, really. So lets look at something we all understand. Money.
For the second time in his career, Woods has topped $10 million in season earnings ' and thats not even counting the Brinks truck drop-offs hell start getting a couple decades from now for that FedExCup win. His lead over the next-best on the money list (you guessed it ' Mickelson) is more than $5 million, or in practical terms, enough to add a second guest house to his new lot down in Jupiter.
Maybe in a parallel dimension, Phil would get all the credit that hes due. But in this world, it seems hes always No. 2.
And the stats keep coming. Take the two most telling PGA TOUR stats as they relate to scoring. Tiger leads the TOUR in Greens in Regulation and is third in Putting Average (putts per G.I.R.). It doesnt take Dave Pelz to tell you that if you hit greens and putt your ball, youre going to bring home the bacon ' and the hardware.
No other player alive is in the top-20 in both of those categories. And if Tiger keeps hitting fairways like he did in The Playoffs, things are about to get as silly as David Feherty on nitrous oxide.
In Scoring itself, Woods has a comfy stroke-and-a-half advantage over Ernie Els (Els lead over No. 3 Justin Rose? 0.01). Multiply that by four tournament rounds, and that means hes supposed to win every event by at least 6 strokes!
Hes the seventh grader with a mustache. Hes the New York Yankees, the New England Patriots and the San Antonio Spurs rolled into one. Hes the San Yorkland Spurkeepats, or something like that.
Tiger waltzed through the inaugural PGA TOUR Playoffs for the FedExCup (try saying that three times real fast), even after spotting the field one week to come and get him. If you ask me, I think he was just being polite ' after all, we wouldnt want the TOUR Championship to be a meaningless playoff event, right?
Then it would just be the Super Bowl.
Talk about tweaks! If were sick of seeing the same old guy win the same old tournaments (and some day the same old [insert corporate sponsor here] Cup) year in and year out, then there have to be a few new wrinkles added.
Augusta had its Tiger-proofing. We know how that worked out. Thats not what Im talking about, anyway. There must be some kind of format they can come up with that Tiger wont dominate...
Maybe you have to catch a fish between each hole. In addition to aggregate score, you have to factor in aggregate weight. After the round, there could be one hell of a fish fry ' maybe they could even give some to the media? What a moving day for Kenny Perry: 1 eagle, 4 birdies and 3 lunkers!
Or how about this: once the cuts been made, hold a single-elimination checkers tournament in the clubhouse (TV rights go to ESPN2). Anyone knocked out in the first round of Friday Night PGA TOUR Checker-fest gets docked 10 strokes; those eliminated in Round 2 lose 8 shots, etc. Have George Lopez host the re-pairings party.
The problem with those proposals, among other things, is that they really have nothing to do with golf. Of course the bottom line is if it does involve golf, Tiger is going to win it. That is, if its worth winning in the first place.
The fact that Tiger decided to win the FedExCup should be a testament to its validity. Tweaks or not.
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