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Sam Depe Blog

It is very easy to see Sam Depe’s story as the typical man-overcomes-tragedy tale.

It is that. Sam is a longtime, well-respected club pro in the Pittsburgh area. His golf game was stellar. His love of the game and service to his members were better. But, more than a decade ago, Sam lost both his legs in a car accident. The accident robbed him of the ability to play golf as he once played it.

His spirit, though, was not only uninjured in the crash, but strengthened. He vowed to return to his club to welcome his members when the next golf season started. He did. He also made it a point to own his own golf course. In 2009, he and a partner bought the Hickory Heights Golf Course in Bridgeville, PA.

That is all inspirational stuff. But the full story goes deeper. When you call Hickory Heights and ask for Sam Depe, they may ask you which Sam Depe you want. Sammy Depe or Sam Depe IV, is the son of the owner, and the third generation of Depe men to work in the golf industry. Hickory Heights is not just Sam Depe III’s dream for himself but for his family and its legacy in golf.

Sometimes, a story is more than what it initially seems. That’s what makes the Depe story so fascinating and a worthwhile watch on Golf In America.