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Masters Playoff Holes Changed

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- Tournament officials announced on Wednesday that the playoff format at the Masters has been changed.
If necessary, the first major of the season will be decided in a sudden death format, but this year the extra session will begin on the 18th hole rather than the 10th.
'We do have a change in mind,' said Augusta National chairman Hootie Johnson. 'We plan to start our playoff if we have one on 18. And then play 10, and 18, and stay in that rotation.'
Competition Committee chairman Will Nicholson added that the decision to change the format was made with the fans in attendance in mind.
'We went through that decision and settled on 18-10, primarily in consideration of all our patrons that are on the 18th hole,' Nicholson said.
The Masters remains the only major championship to use a sudden death playoff format.
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