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USGA Maintains Relationship with Palmer

The United States Golf Association emphasized on Monday that Arnold Palmer will continue to serve as the volunteer national chairman of the USGA Members Program.
The USGA and Palmer have been at odds over Palmer's public endorsement of Calloway's new ERC II driver. The USGA deems the club illegal for competition because it exceeds their allowance for 'spring-like effect.' Palmer came out in October of 2000 endorsing the club.
Sunday's Atlanta Constitution-Journal reported that Palmer had been removed from his position with the USGA. Trey Holland, president of the USGA told the newspaper, 'We can't have a guy as visible a spokesperson who is championing not playing by the rules of golf.'
Holland went on to say that Palmer's picture had been removed from the USGA's yearbook.
On Monday, Holland stated a seemingly different opinion.
'There's no one who has done more for the game of golf than Arnold Palmer,' said Holland. 'Our relationship with Mr. Palmer has benefited our Association greatly over the past quarter century. Hesays he intend to work with him to accomplish this goal.'
Palmer has held this position since the inception of the Members Program in 1975. He has helped the program grow to more than 900,000 individual members.
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