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Advice For Playing in College

As College Central presented by PING moves forward in season three, the Ask Steve segment is one of our new additions. Each week I answer email questions both on the show and here in my weekly column.
Alf asks: My son is 15 and the Southern Nevada High School Player of the Year. While he continues to improve, his scores dont always reflect it. Aside from AJGJA events, which arent always easy to get to, what is the best way to improve his ranking/recognition among the top juniors?
Well Alf, it sounds as if your son is off and running in the right direction. Winning awards at age 15 is a very good start. Perhaps focusing on one or two AJGA events which fits your schedule and location would not be a bad idea. Dont forget to keep in mind USGA events such as the Junior Championship and the U.S. Amateur. Those are sure fire tournaments the coaches will have their eye on. It never hurts to get an idea on where you son might like to attend college. That being said, is a great website which helps student-athletes and parents get up to speed on the entire the recruiting process. All the best to you and your son.
Dan asks: What kind of scores should a male be shooting to have a chance to make it onto a top rate college team?
If you are looking to play for one of the top 10 to 20 mens teams in the country, then you better be a scratch player. The best of the best have several members who can post scores in the 60s on a regular basis. But dont let that keep you back if the numbers you shoot are not quite that good. Some coaches will also take a chance on the potential they may see in a player down the road.
College Central presented by PING comes your way Thursday night at 10:30 pm eastern. I look forward to seeing you there. And remember is the email address you can send your questions.
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