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Answers to Your College Questions

As we kicked off Year 3 of College Central presented by Ping last week, we introduced a new segment which will allow you, the viewers to ask me anything on your mind in the world of college golf. While we will answer some questions on our program, I will respond to others right here on our website in my weekly column.
JR asks: What does a good Division II player need to do to get introduced or recognized by a Division I college?
The obvious response is play really good golf. But that being said, the onus would be on the player to contact the schools to which he might be interested in transferring. With NCAA rules and regulations, a coach would be unlikely to get in touch with you, unless you were the one who made the initial contact. If you are looking to move up a level, it might be in your best interest to talk with your current coach and get his thoughts. You never know what connections or relationships he may have with other schools and coaches.
Scott asks: What can he do to become a part of College Central? He is a PGA professional and an eight-year Division I mens and womens golf coach. His relationships and experience adds a different and unique perspective.
On several of our programs throughout the year, we have a segment called Coaches Corner, where we get insight on the hot topics of the day or do a feature on a coach who might have an interesting story line in their current position. The best thing I can say for now is to give me a heads up if there is a particular idea or story you might have. We also may be at an event you are participating in, and get the opportunity to hear your thoughts on the game of college golf.
Remember, is where you can get in touch with me. I look forward to hearing from you, and will answer your questions either on your show or here in my column. A reminder: Thursday nights at 10:30 pm ET is our new time this year for College Central presented by Ping.
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