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March Madness in November

College CentralOne of the most exciting times of the year in college sports is March Madness, when 65 teams are seeded and bracketed for a run at a National Title in Division I College Basketball. Well in the month of November, college golf jumps into the fray with some brackets of their own. This coming Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, 16 of the best Division I mens and womens teams will convene just outside of Orlando for the Hooters Collegiate Match Play Championships. A rare event with match play as the format, will lend itself to speculation as some upsets are sure to occur.
After some research and review, I have filled out my brackets, and will now share my choices with you. While I am usually one who tends to look for those teams who are not the top seeds to do well, I have come to the conclusion the top 5 teams on both the mens and womens sides have for the most part separated themselves from the rest of the pack.
Mens Matches Rd. 1
Georgia Tech defeats Penn State
Purdue defeats Arizona
Kentucky defeats Clemson
Texas defeats Pepperdine
Georgia defeats Texas A&M
Georgia State defeats Washington
UCLA defeats Florida
Oklahoma State defeats California
Mens Matches Rd. 2
Georgia Tech defeats Purdue
Kentucky defeats Texas
Georgia defeats Georgia State
Oklahoma State defeats UCLA
Mens Matches Semis
Georgia Tech defeats Kentucky
Georgia defeats Oklahoma State
Mens Final Match
Georgia defeats Georgia Tech
The boys from Athens have now positioned themselves as the best team in the land with back to back victories in the past two weeks. While I dont think it will be easy, the Bulldogs should close the fall season with three consecutive wins.
Now on the womens side.
Womens Matches Rd. 1
Duke defeats UNLV
Furman defeats Texas
Washington defeats Purdue
UCLA defeats Arizona
Arizona State defeats Texas A&M
Wake Forest defeats Tennessee
New Mexico defeats Florida
Oklahoma State defeats North Carolina
Womens Matches Rd. 2
Duke defeats Furman
UCLA defeats Washington
Arizona State defeats Wake Forest
Oklahoma State defeats New Mexico
Womens Matches Semis
Duke defeats UCLA
Arizona State defeats Oklahoma State
Womens Final Match
Duke defeats Arizona State
Look for the Lady Blue Devils to once again prevail at the match play, and end the fall perfect with five victories to their credit. It was not easy to overlook UCLA in the semifinals, but at this point Duke has shown its true colors, and its far from blue.
Email me your thoughts and selections, as this coming week should prove to be another great display of golf, from the very best the college game has to offer.
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