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Breed's Blog - February 10, 2012

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Facebook Questions
Q: I would like to know more about getting a consistent start with my hip turn and keeping the driver on an inside plane. Winter drills would be great. (Jason Warren)

A: Think of the initial start of the hips in the downswing as more of a bump than a rotation. As you bump your hips, the club will come from the inside.

Q: What's the best drill to get the putter online and the right path? (Hunter Pauley)

A:  Go to and check it out. You'll have to pay some but it's the best thing going for helping your putter path.

Q: I've typically got what most call a power fade but many times if I try to swing a little harder I end up pulling the ball. It goes dead straight but it's 40-50 yards left of the target. Where's the happy medium? (Chris Creasman)

A: Try to get a little more turn, you have to get your body moving through the shot. The more active you get with the body rotation through the hit, the more the face will stay open.

Q: I need help hitting the 3 and 4 iron consistently. (Billy French)

A: Don't bother, get a hybrid. There's no time to be macho here, the hybrid is so much easier to hit from those distances.

Q: Most of the public courses I play don't have driving ranges and it usually takes me 2 or 3 holes to get into a good rhythm. I need a good strategy to prepare me to play when I can't take any full swing shots before a round. (Justin Conner)

A: When you go out to go play, keep every ball that you find. Then before your next round, hit some of those old balls you wouldn't use during a round into the woods or water or anywhere you can get practice. Also, make sure to stretch before each round.

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