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Breed's Blog - February 13, 2012

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-If your struggling with your putting stroke here are three tips. First, put more weight on your forward leg in order to keep your lower body still. Second, put your ball position forward in your stance. Third, have a friend put an alignment rod or club on your knees and make a stroke. This will make sure your knees stay stable during your stroke. When the lower body stays quiet the putter path is going to be much more consistent.
-Writing down your short term and long term goals is important in life and in golf. Only write down a couple and make sure they are attainable. Make sure you physically write down your goals and put them in a place where you can read them on a regular basis. Within a year you should have accomplished your short term goals and within 5 years you should have accomplished your long term goals.
-To get a full shoulder turn on your backswing, lay a club across your shoulders. Make sure the grip is towards your front shoulder. Make a back swing until the grip is behind the ball at address, giving you a full shoulder turn.

Facebook Question (Blog Exclusive)
Q: My hands are forward of the ball at impact. However, immediately after impact my left wrist breaks down, effectively flipping.  Is this okay despite having a forward leaning shaft at impact or is this the result of an improper release? (Aaron Miles)

A: It’s an improper release. You need to develop more forearm rotation through the hit.

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