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Breed's Blog - February 3, 2012

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Facebook Questions
Q: I have trouble when I get on the greens with mid to long range putts is there anything I can do to help with this problem (Dustin Wilkey)

A: Focus on speed. Too many people on those type of putts worry about line that they forget the most important part of putting is speed.

Q: Help. I need one key trigger that will help me get my weight going forward. (Archie Shaw)

A: Must sure keep your shoulders level as you come into impact. The second your trail shoulder started to drop too much, the weight stays towards the back foot and has trouble moving forward.

Q: Do you prefer round or ribbed grips? (Harry Gasparett)

A: I'm a big fan of round grips. They allow you to change your shot shape very simply. That doesn't mean I don't have players using ribbed grips, but I prefer round particularly for better players.

Q: I fight a hook, especially as clubs get longer. It feels like I am coming off the ball to create this hook. If I stay down and through, it’s minimized if not eliminated. My contact on these shots seems to be toward the toe and a little low on the face. It leads to some thin wedge shots on occasion too. Any suggestions? (Anthony Cornetto)

A: You need to rotate your body more through the hit. When the body rotates more, the face tends to stay more open, which greatly reduces hook spin.

Q: Mike, I have a tendency to shank chip shots around the green. Help!! (Michael Maille)

A: Set up alignment rods on both sides of the ball when you chip. Keep your club head inside the railway as your come through the ball.

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