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Breed's Blog - February 6, 2012

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Breed’s Reads
-Sandra Gal, winner of the 2011 Kia Classic, says to improve impact with your driver, move the ball up in your stance parallel with your front foot. Take 5 or 6 swings in this position and get the feel of solid impact. Move the ball back to the proper position and start hitting solid drives.

-To make the correct impact using an iron you must make sure the angle of your shaft is in front of the club face. Imagine keeping the grip/handle ahead of the face of the club at impact. To practice this, throw a Frisbee with your lead hand and imagine keeping the same angle during your golf swing.

-Making pure contact at impact on the putting stroke is essential. To practice making perfect impact, place two band-aids on the putter face a half-inch apart leaving the sweet spot of the putter uncovered. Make your putting strokes and if the ball comes in contact with the uncovered part of the putter (sweet spot) your impact position is correct.

Facebook Question (Blog Exclusive)
Q: I would like to know more about getting a consistent start with my hip turn, and keeping the driver on an inside plane. Winter drills would be great. (Jason Warren)

A: Think of the initial start of the hips in the downswing as more of a bump than a rotation. As you bump your hips, the club will come from the inside

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