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Open Diary Arriving in Scotland

Editors Note: Tom Abbott is the host of Golf Central UK. He will be filing a daily diary from Carnoustie, Scotland, providing you with a feel for what is going on outside the ropes at the 136th Open Championship.
I arrived at Carnoustie on Tuesday afternoon having spent the night at my home in London. I realize Im a lot better off than some members of our crew who missed connections and arrived a day late with very little sleep. Furthermore, our producer, Alan Robison is without luggage. Not a great way to start.
Upon arrival Im struck by the mammoth amount of organization which goes into creating the media village, our home for the week. For those of you watching on television at home you may spot it tucked away behind the 18th tee.
The ability to get everything in the right place by the right time is outstanding. The telephone lines to each trailer; the golf carts labeled, each with their own code to start; the monitors and editing machines ready to use; air-conditioning units; stocked refrigerators; the list goes on and on.
Late in the afternoon, I, our runner, Nathan, and cameraman, Jay, venture out onto the course. Usually, navigating a golf cart around a tournament course is very simple, especially when there are no galleries to dodge.
However, venture off the beaten track at Carnoustie and its like youre getting stuck in the Paris Dakar rally. The natural terrain does not bode well for golf carts and we are lucky not to tip over. Jay is extremely impressed by my power of recovery from a near catastrophic situation -- more luck than judgment I must add.
Flipping a cart on Day 1 would not be a good idea. We return to base unscathed with the rest of the team non-the-wiser.
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